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Fixed Wiring or Periodic Testing

Fixed Wire Testing, which is also referred to as Fixed Installation Testing or Periodic Testing), is the examination and testing of the circuits contained within the fabric of a clients building. This includes the socket outlets, lighting circuits and various other circuits.

Fixed Wiring Inspection and Testing - What’s involved?

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How Often Should Fixed Installation Testing Take Place?

This depends entirely on the type of installation that requires testing. You can download and print a handy copy of the recommended timescale's on out Legal Requirements Page. If you are unsure what category your installation falls under please call us on 07923 510542 or 01245 283455

Yes. All buildings need to be tested at regular intervals to ensure the risk of fire and electrocution is minimised, not only to meet your insurance companies requirements but also to conform with the law. You can read more about the legal requirements on our       Legal Page.
Legal Requirements
Unfortunately Inspection Testing is disruptive to the work place as stringent tests have to be carried out, and circuits isolated. Call us on 07923 510542 or 01245 283455 and we can work out a time that is suitable for you and your business.